About us 

Lielvārde ancient Latvian wooden castle is reconstruction of  10-13. century castle, which is based on archaeological excavation materials from different parts of Latvia.

The territory of the castle is surrounded by a protective wall, behind which people hid in case of an attack, while in the middle there are some residential houses, a chief's house with a meeting room, a sacred stone and a well. 

During the visit, the guide tells about what is seen in the castle, about the people of ancient times, their lifestyle and customs. At that time, people were smaller in stature and their life expectancy was considerably shorter than today, so a 40-year-old man was already considered a smart old man. When going into the buildings, you have to protect your head, because the doors of the buildings are more like small holes in the wall, but this is done for practical reasons. If you don't know what they are, go to Lielvārde - they will tell you everything there.

Everyone will have an exciting adventure in Lielvārde wooden castle - the grownups will gain new knowledge about the history of Latvia, as well as a peaceful adventure in the fresh air, while the little ones are always excited about climbing the castle wall.

We also offer special rituals for your important celebrations - a special ritual is prepared for weddings and anniversaries are also celebrated in the castle. To inquire about a celebration in the castle, contact us!